Can You Use A Trimmer As An Edger?

While you could purchase an edger to create these edges for you, chances are you already have a tool for the job, as a string trimmer can double as an edger. Some manufacturers even sell models that swivel to make the dual-duty an easier task, but if your gas trimmer doesn’t swivel, that’s okay.

What’s The Difference Between A Trimmer And An Edger?

The Differences The lawn edger is used to create a clean edge to a lawn. This trims back untidy grass, but also cuts through the turf giving a neat, straight edge. In short, it actually creates the lawn edge for you. The trimmer on the other hand cuts organic material back and not the turf itself.

Do You Need A Trimmer And Edger?

Ideally you will use a lawn edger to edge, and a string trimmer to trim grass. However, it is possible to do some edging work with a string trimmer. With either tool, be sure to mow the grass first. Once you cut the grass to the desired length it will be easier to see where you need to edge.

What Is The Best Trimmer Edger?

Our 3 Favorite Models of 2020

Model Price Editor Rating WORX WG175 Trimmer/Edger (Top Pick) Check Price 4.9/5 BLACK+DECKER LST420 (Best for the Money) Check Price 4.7/5 Weed Eater BT301i Check Price 4.4/5

Are Edgers Worth It?

Trimmers and mowers are built to add a certain level of force to each cut you give your grass. Sometimes the extra force isn’t needed, as lawn edgers typically have very little engine power when compared to lawn mowers or even weed-eaters. That’s why the investment in these grass-cutters is totally worth it.

What Is The Best Lawn Edging Tool?

View the Best Lawn Edger, Below. Worx WG896 12A 2-in-1 Electric Lawn Edger. Greenworks 13-Inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer. BLACK+DECKER LE760FFAM Landscape Edger. Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger. Worx WG160 Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower. Greenworks 27032 12 Amp Corded Edger.

How Much Does An Edger Cost?

However, you can cut a nice edge with either type of tool. Many electric edgers cost less than $100, while a good gas edger can cost $200 or more. You can spend more than $500, but there is no need to pay that much for a solid edger.

What Do You Use An Edger For?

Edgers for the garden are designed to make neat, tidy edges around plant beds or between the lawn and a driveway, walkway, patio, or street. An edger has a blade that cuts a small gap between grass and the area you are trying to neatly separate from the turf. The purpose of an edger is purely aesthetic.

What Is A Good Edger?

Best Lawn Edgers — Reviews BLACK+DECKER LE750 Edge Hog 2-1/4 HP Electric Landscape Edger and Trencher. GreenWorks 27032 12 Amp 7.5 Inch Lawn Edger. McLane 801 5.50GT Gas Powered 9 Inch Lawn Edger. Ariens 986101 169cc Gas 9 inch Wheeled Lawn Edger. WORX WG175 32-volt Lithium MAX 12 Inch Grass Trimmer and Edger.

How Do I Cut The Edges Of My Lawn?

Open Edges: Don’t stand on the edges when mowing or gardening. Trim the edges with edger, shears or electric strimmer every 2 to 3 cuts. Repair (re-cut) edges with a half-moon edging tool if they have noticeable imperfections. Edges should have a 20 – 40 degree angle on them.

How Do You Edge A String Without A Trimmer?

Shake the can of spray paint and make an edge 1–2 inches (2.5–5.1 cm) from the edge of your flower bed or walkway. Try to stay as parallel with the edge of the lawn as you can with the paint. Place the blade of a flat-edge shovel along the line. Place the shovel on a 90-degree angle along the edge that you marked out.

Why Does My Trimmer Line Keep Breaking?

Line wears or breaks quickly And ease off on the throttle to properly control the speed of the cutting head, especially when cutting against hard surfaces. Old cutting line can become brittle and prone to breaking. If your line is more than 5 years old and breaks often, replace it.

What Is The Difference Between Trimming And Edging?

What’s the difference between edging and trimming? Edging is a vertical cut and trimming is a horizontal cut. Both use different pieces of equipment or attachments. Trimmers are usually done with heavy nylon string that rotates in a circular motion, parallel to the ground.

What Is The Best String Trimmer On The Market?

The Best String Trimmers Our pick. Ego ST1502-SF Power+ 15″ String Trimmer. The best string trimmer. Runner-up. Ryobi R40220 40V-X Expand-It String Trimmer. Not as powerful but less expensive. Also great. Black + Decker LST136 40V Max String Trimmer. Lighter weight for smaller lawns. Also great. Echo SRM-225 Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer.

What Should I Look For In A String Trimmer?

Gas-Powered String Trimmer Look for models with an adjustable handle and a translucent gas tank, so you can see when fuel is low. Models with a four-cycle engine run cleaner and use regular gas but cost more. Models with a two-cycle engine cost less, but you’ll need to add oil to your gasoline.