Does Samsung A9 Support 5G?

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On the front, the Samsung Galaxy A9 5G packs a32MP sensor for selfies and video chats. Connectivity optionsinclude 5G connectivity, Dual 4G VoLTE, dual-band Wi-Fi,Bluetooth 5, GPS + GLONASS and USB Type-C port. A 4500mAh batterywith 25W superfast charging support fuels thephone.

Does Samsung A9 Has Slow Motion?

Yes, you can record slow-motionvideos with Galaxy A9.

Does Samsung A9 Have Flash?

Samsung Galaxy A9 does not have the frontcamera LED flash. But it has a display screenflash.

Is Samsung A9 Fast Charging?

There isn’t any wireless charging included here,but the Samsung Galaxy A9 does support fast charging,allowing you to quickly top up the battery if you are runninglow.

How Old Is The Samsung A9?

Samsung Galaxy A9 refers to three SamsungGalaxy Android smartphones released in the 2010s. These are:Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016), Android smartphone released in2015. Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2016), Android smartphonerelease in 2016.

Is A9 Dual Sim?

Samsung Galaxy A9 128GB Dual SIM Phone.The Samsung Galaxy A9 is an unlocked Dual SIM phonewith no contract! This mobile has the world’s first quad camera& is packed with incredible features! Unlocked and simfree, so you can use any SIM cards inside along with dualsim phone functionality.

Is The Samsung A9 Dual Sim?

Galaxy A9 (Dual SIM) SM-A920FZKDXFE.Samsung AFRICA_EN.

What Size Is The Samsung A9?

Samsung Galaxy A9 Specifications It has 6.3″ (16 cm) Super AMOLED display with a screenresolution of 1080 x 2220 pixels, 18.5:9 aspect ratio and 392 PPIpixel density.

What Is The Samsung Galaxy A9?

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) Summary The Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) is the world’sfirst quad-camera smartphone, and also represents a striking newaesthetic for Samsung. The primary camera works quite wellthough. Battery life is good, and the 6.3-inch display is thisphone’s biggest highlight.

How Big Is The Samsung A9?

6.3 inch

Does Samsung Galaxy A9 Have Nfc?

Like most other smartphones with a depth sensor, theGalaxy A9 (2018) also uses it when clicking bokehs. TheGalaxy A9 (2018) is a dual-SIM device that hastwo Nano SIM slots. In terms of connectivity, thedevice supports Bluetooth 5.0, dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, GPS,GLONASS, and NFC for Samsung Pay.

Does Samsung A9 2018 Have Led Notification?

Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 Related Question andAnswer. No, Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 doesn’t support WirelessCharging. Though Samsung Galaxy A9 is backed by the Li-ionbattery which has the capacity of 3,800mAh, which cansupply immense power to last for a long time.

Is Samsung A9 Camera Good?

The Galaxy A9 handles the scene’s white balancewell. With a Texture score of 62, the A9’s texturereproduction is “reasonable” rather than good.However, its outdoor performance is actually pretty good andit’s the low-light performance that really pulls the scoredown.

Is Galaxy A9 Waterproof?

No IP68 Water Resistance That means it was capable of withstanding completeimmersion in water up to 1.5 m in depth, for up to 30 minutes.Unfortunately, Samsung dropped this capability in the SamsungGalaxy A9 2018 (MY | US | UK).

How Do You Know If Samsung A9 Is Original?

All Secret Codes Of Samsung Galaxy A9 All Secret Codes Of Samsung Galaxy A9. To Check Hardware Version : *#2222# To Check IMEI number : *#06# To Check Smiley: *#9125# To lock the phone: #7465625*782*Code# To Check Storage Capacity: *#8999*636# To Check Diagnostic configuration : *#9090# To Check Dump mode : *#9900#

Which Samsung Is The Best?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. The best Samsung phone if money is noobject. Samsung Galaxy S10. The best Samsung phone for mostpeople. Samsung Galaxy S10e. The best Samsung phone for saving somecash. Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Samsung Galaxy S9. Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Which Phone Has The Best Camera?

The best camera phones right now Google Pixel 3. The best camera phone right now. Huawei P30 Pro. Runner up to the best camera phone crown. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. The best camera phone in a Samsungphone. iPhone XS. The best Apple camera phone. iPhone 8. Google Pixel 2. Samsung Galaxy S8. Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus.

Does Samsung A9 Have Gorilla Glass?

Samsung Galaxy A9. Delivering the world’s first4x camera, the Samsung Galaxy A9 has a striking Full HD+Super AMOLED 6.3-inch Infinity Display and has beendesigned with damage- and drop-resistant Corning®Gorilla® Glass 5 on the front andback.

What Is The Difference Between Samsung Galaxy A9 And S9?

The Samsung Galaxy A9 has four camera lenseson the rear, while the S9+ has two and the S9 hasone. The third sensor is an ultra-wide 120-degree, 8-megapixelsensor and the fourth sensor is a 10-megapixel telephoto lensfor 2x optical zoom.