How Do You Make A Bead Chain?


How Are Rosaries Made?

Roman Catholic Rosary A rosary is a made up of a crucifix, one larger bead, three small beads, another larger bead and then a medal. After the medal comes a larger bead again, followed by a group of 10 smaller beads. Around the rosary chain there are five sets of each of these beads one large, 10 small.

How Do You Make A Chain Bracelet?

DIY How to Make a Beaded Chain Bracelet

Step 1: Select the Jump Rings. You can either make these yourself or buy them. Step 2: Open the Jump Ring by Twisting the Two Sides Away From Each Other With Pliers. Step 3: Thread the Beads Onto the Jump Ring. Step 4: Close the Jump Ring. Step 5: Make a Chain. Step 6: Attach a Clasp to Your Bracelet. Step 7: Finished.

How Many Beads Do You Need To Make A Rosary?

The traditional structure of rosary prayer beads is five groups of 10 beads (decades) separated by an additional bead. For each beaded segment, cut a piece of wire to size, turn a loop on one end to make an eye pin, add the bead, and then turn a loop on the other. Repeat this a total of 53 times.

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