How Do You Use Shark Genius?

Attach the spray bottle and clip to the mop handle. 2 To attach the Dirt Grip™ pad, spread the pad on the floor with the pocket side up. Center the Genius Mop head above the pad, then press the pad release button on the back of the Spray Pocket Mop body (fig.

How Do I Turn Off My Shark Genius Steam Mop?

Press the Release button on the back of the mop body, and both sides of the Genius Mop Head will drop open, releasing the pad. Once the pad has been released, close the Genius Mop Head. 3 If the Genius Mop Head is not attached to the mop, the pad can still be removed.

How Do You Use A Shark?

How to Use the Shark Steam Cleaner

Unplug the steam bottle. Grasp the water tank cap, then turn it counter clockwise until it is unscrewed from the bottle. Pour distilled water into the filling flask that came with the steam cleaner. Screw the water tank cap clockwise into the bottle until it is seated.

What Is The Shark Steam Cleaner?

With the Genius™ Steam Pocket® Mop System, Shark® lets you harness the power of steam to clean and sanitize* your sealed hard floors. No harsh chemicals, no residue. *Sanitization studies were conducted under controlled test conditions. Household conditions and results may vary.

How Do I Add Water To My Shark Steam Mop?

Add water to the tank and press the ON/Standby button to select a steam setting. If your unit still does not work, call Customer care at 1-800-798-7398. The Pro Steam Pocket® Mop leaves water on the floor. Check to see if your micro-fiber cleaning pad is soaked through.

How Long Does It Take For Shark Steam Mop To Heat Up?

about 30 seconds

Can You Use Vinegar In A Shark Steam Mop?

You can add vinegar to your steam mop if you are cleaning tile floors, linoleum, and vinyl floors. DO NOT use vinegar in your steam cleaner if you are cleaning a hardwood floor because it will break down the chemical finish. Truly, nothing beats a solution of water and white vinegar.

Which Shark Steam Mop Is The Best?

6 Best Steam Mops Best Overall: iwoly M11 Steam Mop. Best Mid-Range Option: Bissell PowerFresh Slim Steam Mop. Best Budget-Friendly Pick: Shark Steam Pocket Mop. Most Versatile: Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner. Best Compact: O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop. Best Lightweight: PurSteam 10-in-1 Steam Mop.

Can You Put Cleaner In The Shark Steam Mop?

All Shark® steam mops are designed to provide effective, chemical-free cleaning without the use of cleaners or additives. Therefore using cleaning solutions, perfumes, oils or any other chemicals is not recommended. Do not use anything other than water in the unit.

Can You Use A Shark Steam Mop On Carpet?

Shark steam mops are ideal for cleaning smooth surfaces such as tile and vinyl. However, you may never have associated your steam mop with carpet cleaning. The Carpet Glider attachment simply snaps in place over the Steam Pocket head, and allows for a smooth gliding motion across the top of your carpet.

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