How Do You Use The Word Contrite?

Show how contrite you are by writing an apology letter. If you were contrite, you would have said “I’m sorry” by now.

Definition: feeling or expressing sorrow or regret for one’s sins or offenses. filled with a sense of guilt and the desire for atonement. showing sincere remorse. arising from a sense of shame or guilt.

How Do You Use Contrite?

contrite Sentence Examples

I’m sure God has forgiven their little transgressions and the two of them are contrite for their actions. I tried to look contrite. At this of course the Countess was very contrite. The assembled company then threw slippers at his spread-eagle form, until his tears revealed that he was suitably contrite.

What Is The Biblical Meaning Of Contrite?

caused by or showing sincere remorse. filled with a sense of guilt and the desire for atonement; penitent: a contrite sinner.

What Does The Word Contrite?

contrite. Someone who feels remorse or guilt is contrite and in addition to feeling sorry, part of the definition includes wanting to atone for having done something wrong.

What Part Of Speech Is Contrite?


What Is A Broken Heart And A Contrite Spirit?

Those who have a broken heart and a contrite spirit are willing to do anything and everything that God asks of them, without resistance or resentment. We cease doing things our way and learn to do them God’s way instead. In such a condition of submissiveness, the Atonement can take effect and true repentance can occur.

What Does Lowly In Spirit Mean?

1 : humble in manner or spirit : free from self-assertive pride. 2 : not lofty or sublime : prosaic. 3 : ranking low in some hierarchy. 4 : of or relating to a low social or economic rank.

How Do You Use Ebullience In A Sentence?

I put her remarks down to youthful ebullience. His natural ebullience began to return. She burst into the room with her usual ebullience, and immediately start talking to everyone. She burst into the room with her usual ebullience, and immediately started talking to

How Do You Use Convivial In A Sentence?

Sentence Examples This is especially fun to do over dinner or other convivial gathering. Our convivial tasting group is composed of professional level collectors and/or imbibers: The type that has spent a lot of time, money and aspirin developing their palettes.

How Do You Use Conundrum In A Sentence?

1) One conundrum after the other, she waded through every volley that life threw at her. 2) The conundrum raised by one of our junior colleagues left everyone perplexed, even our boss who had so many years of experience.

How Do You Use The Word Craven In A Sentence?

Sentence Examples Panic slowly crossed his craven countenance. Whitaker, LL. The province was soon divided into three coast counties: Berkeley, extending from the Stono river to the Sewee and including Charleston; Craven to the north of the Sewee; and Colleton to the south of the Stono.

How Do You Use Convoluted In A Sentence?

(1) His grammar explanations are terribly convoluted. (2) The story is convoluted and opaque, often to the point of total obscurity. (3) Despite its length and convoluted plot, “Asta’s Book” is a rich and rewarding read. (4) Her book is full of long convoluted sentences.

What Is Another Word For Self Inflicted?

Synonyms for self-punishment contrition. penance. repentance. anguish.

What Does Broken Spirit Mean?

To “break someone’s spirit” is to destroy their self-esteem, to take away their joy in life, their belief and joy in who they are, to take away their dreams and the life they had hoped for, and to have them emotionally beaten down to the point where they go from being who they were to someone who has lost all hopes and

What Does Nigh Mean In The Bible?

People like to use the word nigh when they talk about the apocalypse: “Repent! The end is nigh.” It’s most common to use nigh today when you’re trying to sound poetic or referencing the archaic or biblical uses of the word.

What Does It Mean To Be Humble?

Humble means “modest; without an excess of pride.” A person who brags about being humble may have too much pride in being humble to actually be humble. Sometimes fictional characters try to earn favor by saying “I’m just a humble man in search of” when it is obvious they are the opposite.

What Does It Mean To Be Broken?

It can mean anything, but generally it probably means the person was hurt & just can’t get over it. They might feel emotionally crippled which makes them emotionally unavailable. They know those feelings exist but they have trouble feeling them, so they think something inside them must be broken.

What Is Compunctious?

compunctious. adjective. Feeling or expressing regret for one’s sins or misdeeds: contrite, penitent, penitential, regretful, remorseful, repentant, sorry.

What Is A Perfect Contrition?

Perfect contrition (also called contrition of charity) is a repentance for sin that is motivated by faith and the love of God. It contrasts with imperfect contrition, which arises from a less pure motive, such as common decency or fear of Hell.