How Long Does Patterned Concrete Last?

25 years

Does Stamping Concrete Weaken It?

Although stamped concrete may be simple to clean and requires no maintenance to retain its patterned appearance, one of its major disadvantages is that it lacks durability compared to other finished surfaces.

Is Stamped Concrete Durable?

Like conventional concrete, stamped surfaces will last for decades when properly installed and maintained, even when exposed to harsh winter weather conditions. In some cases, stamped concrete can be even more durable than standard concrete, especially if a color hardener was used when it was poured.

What Is The Cost Of Patterned Concrete?

Stamped Concrete Cost. Basic stamped concrete costs between $8 and $12 per square foot, but more involved projects can be as expensive as $18 per square foot.

Does Imprinted Concrete Crack?

Pattern imprinted concrete problems- Cracks. Most pattern imprinted concrete companies will act as if cracks do not exist. Unless concrete is laid a metre thick there is a chance of a crack.

How Do You Keep Stamped Concrete From Cracking?

Maintain moisture levels after pouring: A great way to prevent cracks is to keep the concrete damp for five to seven days afterwards to ensure that the concrete cures completely. This can be done by using a hose and then placing a cover on top that is held down by heavy objects, like stones or bricks.

Can You Stamp Concrete After It Dries?

You can only stamp concrete when it is still wet from a pour. To add texture to an existing patio, pour a fresh layer of concrete over the old and stamp it, provided the existing patio is in good condition. You can impress the look of brick work over a new concrete surface.

Does Stamped Concrete Add Value?

In most markets, a stamped concrete patio can add up 15 percent to a home’s value, though this may be a high estimate. So, while a stamped concrete patio does not add much in value, it does add alot in curb appeal, making your home more attractive to potential buyers.

When Should I Start Stamping Concrete?

“But, in general, when you can touch the concrete and not have any sand on your hand, it’s about time, when that laitance is crusted enough, to put a release agent on there. Generally, it’s within an hour or two.” Frazier recommends getting enough stamps to cover at least the width of the slab.

How Is Concrete Stamping Done?

Concrete stamping is the procedure which uses the concrete stamps to make the pattern in the stamped concrete. Concrete stamps are placed on the concrete after the color release has been applied. The concrete stamps are pushed into the concrete and then removed to leave the pattern in the stamped concrete.

Can You Stamp Concrete Without Color?

The secondary or antiquing color is what gives stamped concrete the look of stone, tile or wood. Without secondary color, stamped concrete looks artificial and unattractive.

How Often Should Stamped Concrete Be Sealed?

every two years

Can You Repaint Imprinted Concrete?

A coat of paint, however, can change the look and feel of a concrete surface and help make the stamped design stand out. It is possible to paint over both plain gray and colored concrete. Apply a concrete etching solution, using a long-handled scrub brush to reach into crevices of the stamped design.

Can You Change The Colour Of Imprinted Concrete?

Yes it is totally possible to change the colour of your concrete. If you are looking to give it the 2 tone look then Imprint should have you can apply a diluted coat of the smartcolour (a darker colour), allow to dry and then seal.

Can You Recolour Imprinted Concrete?

Recoloring it with concrete colors can quickly revive the look of stamped concrete. You will need to use a stripper like Soy Gel natural paint stripper, this will remove your sealer to expose the concrete and allow it to absorb the new stain you will apply.

How Do You Clean And Reseal A Concrete Driveway?

Use your hose to spray down the concrete. Apply any cleaning chemical that is specifically formulated for cleaning concrete. Bleach and water will also work well. Some commercial solutions are specifically designed to remove oil, so consider one like this if you have noticeable oil stains in your driveway.