How Much Are Lakers Tickets Usually?

Typically, Lakers tickets can be found for as low as $30.00, with an average price of $261.00.

How Much Do Lakers Tickets Cost?

Currently, Lakers tickets range from $56 to $66490. Prices will fluctuate based on many factors such as inventory and demand, so be sure to get your Lakers tickets before it’s too late!

How Much Does An Average Nba Ticket Cost?

A family of four can expect to pay an average of nearly half a grand to attend an NBA game this season. That includes an average median resale ticket price of $96.57.

How Much Are Lakers Courtside Tickets 2020?

Ticket prices for the 2019-2020 Los Angeles Lakers games at Staples Center average $171.00 – $2,514.89 per ticket. The most expensive tickets are against the Golden State Warriors while the least expensive seats can are against the Orlando Magic.

How Much Do Laker Girls Make?

Just being a Laker Girl is worth it.” Each team has its own rates, and the Laker Girls’ pay is rumoured to be $130 (about £81) per game, plus a set hourly fee for other appearances.

How Much Does Jack Nicholson Pay For His Lakers Seats?

Lakers courtside seats are owned by their owners, and none are available for sale – but the going rate is roughly 116,000 per season (includes pre-season), per seat. Jack Nicholson owns 2 seats. So per season today he’s paying about 232,000 a year.

How Do You Get Courtside Seats?

You can find courtside seats by heading to the event page for the game you’re interested in. Once there, select the courtside seats you’d like and view the pricing details on the left. Use Deal Score to determine which tickets are the best deal.

How Much Do Floor Seats At The Lakers Cost?

More shocking, however, is the relatively low price of courtside tickets, which are $315 a ticket, $13,000 a seat on the season.

How Do You Get Lakers Courtside Seats?

One way to purchase courtside seats for the Lakers is to go through the team’s official ticketing department, which can be reached online via AXS or by phone at 888-929-7849.

Do Basketball Tickets Get Cheaper Closer To The Date?

For your average basketball game, the last minute is best. Look at ticket prices 24 hours before the game, and then look at prices a few minutes before that same game later on. You will watch prices drop most of the time!

What Nba Team Has The Cheapest Tickets?

Which NBA Teams Offer the Most Affordable Home Games? Rank Team Median Resale Ticket Price 1 Cleveland Cavaliers $42.00 2 Indiana Pacers $55.00 3 Dallas Mavericks $52.00 4 Memphis Grizzlies $55.00

Who Owns La Lakers?

Los Angeles Lakers President Jeanie Buss General manager Rob Pelinka Head coach Frank Vogel Ownership Buss Family Trusts (majority), Philip Anschutz, Edward P. Roski, and Patrick Soon-Shiong (minority)

How Much Is A Courtside Ticket?

Cost of Courtside Seats The range for a courtside seat in the NBA is generally anywhere from $300-$20,000 (source). Now, that’s a huge difference in price and can vary from game to game and city to city.

How Do You Get Cheap Laker Tickets?

If you’re looking for cheap Lakers tickets, tickets can be found for as low as $30.00. Additionally, once you click on your preferred event date, use the “sort by price” button located in the top left hand corner of the event page to sort all available Lakers tickets by cheapest tickets available.

Can I Buy Lakers Tickets At Staples Center?

Tickets are available online at Through Lakers Ticket Exchange, where you get tickets direct from other Lakers fans, verified by Ticketmaster. At the STAPLES Center Box Office. STAPLES Center Box Office will not sell tickets on the first date of a public on-sale.

What Is The Richest Nba Team?

New York Knicks

How Much Are Courtside Seats At An Nba Game?

2019-20 Season Ticket Pricing Seat Location Avg. Price Per Game Package Price (44 Games) Courtside Club $1,200 $52,800 Courtside Club $950 $41,800 Courtside Club $725 $31,900 Sideline Club $600 $26,400

What Nba Team Has The Highest Ticket Prices?

The Most Expensive NBA Teams to See Live Golden State Warriors. Premium tickets: $874. Los Angeles Lakers. Premium tickets: $857. New York Knicks. Premium tickets: $561. Chicago Bulls. Premium tickets: $493. Boston Celtics. Premium tickets: $448. Brooklyn Nets. Premium tickets: $391. Oklahoma City Thunder. Premium tickets: $390. San Antonio Spurs. Premium tickets: $384.

How Much Are Nba Final Tickets?

Typically, NBA Finals tickets can be found for as low as $250, with an average price of $1,200.