Is Rockin Jump Safe?

ACTIONS AND BEHAVIORS WE ASK YOU TO BE MINDFUL OF WHEN VISITING ROCKIN’ JUMP. WARNING: Trampoline jumping is a very physical activity and thus is inherently dangerous.

Does Rockin Jump Have A Weight Limit?

There are two restrictions: a minimum weight of 45 pounds and a maximum of 250 pounds for the rock wall, and to use the X-beam jousting attraction, participants have to be 44 inches tall. A popular attraction at Rockin’ Jump is the main court trampoline court.

Can Parents Jump At Rockin Jump?

The cost (Parent and 1 Child up to 6 years old) for 2 hours of jump time will be $18.00 and each additional child will cost only $5.00. Each additional Parent cost $12.00. To maintain a safe and clean environment, participants must jump in our reusable ROCKIN’ SOCKS for $3.00.

Can You Bring Food Into Rockin Jump?

There’s no need to worry about bringing food to your child’s birthday party. Rockin’ Jump can handle it all! Outside food and beverages are not permitted but guests can bring their own birthday cake. We provide all the Rockin’ Jump-themed plates, cups, utensils and napkins.

Are Indoor Trampoline Parks Safe?

Chazen said injuries at trampoline parks can be devastating to children, and their parents. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons recommends that trampolines not be used by children under six. The American Academy of Pediatrics, however, advises against trampolines for all children.

How Much Is It For 1 Hour At Rockin Jump?

(Parent and 1 Child up to 6 years old) for 1 hour of Jump Time will be $10.00. Each additional child will cost only $5.00. Now 6x a week from 9:00am – 10:00am! Click Here to view Rockin Tot’s Hours.

How Much Does Rockin Jump Cost Per Person?

Standard open jump prices for all ages are $13.00 for 60 minutes, $17.00 for 90 minutes, and $21.00 for 120 minutes. Each additional hour of jump time costs $8.00 per person. Your admission not only includes the open jump area, but also a variety of other thrilling things to do.

What Do You Wear To Rockin Jump?

Wear comfortable clothing Tight fitting clothes will make for an uncomfortable jumping experience. Wear clothing that’s loose and lets you move. T-shirts, leggings, and shorts are good choices.

Does Rockin Jump Serve Alcohol?

NO food, drink or gum allowed on the platform or trampolines. No shoes allowed on trampolines. ROCKIN’ SOCKS are required for all jumpers.

Can You Wear Glasses At A Trampoline Park?

Jumpers may not have gum, candy or other objects in their mouths while on any trampoline court. No food or drink is allowed on any of the trampolines at any time. We recommend that jumpers who wear glasses either wear goggles over their glasses or go without glasses (if possible)

How Old Do You Have To Be To Jump At Rockin Jump?


How Much Are Socks At Rockin Jump?

General admission gives you full park access to Open Jump Arena, Slam Dunk Zone, Dodgeball, and more. To maintain a safe and clean environment, participants must jump in our reusable Rockin’ Socks for $3.00. For safety reasons, outside socks are not allowed within the Rockin’ Jump O’Fallon indoor trampoline park.

Is It Safe To Jump On A Trampoline While Pregnant?

Trampolining. During your first trimester, it is important to stay off your personal trampoline or to avoid going to indoor trampoline parks. In order to stay safe, you should always consult with your doctor and gain medical clearance if you would still like to bounce while pregnant.

Which Is Better Sky Zone Or Rockin Jump?

Rockin Jump was less crowded, but that might change day to day. They are tied for me. I believe rocking jump has a lot more activity’s than sky zone. Some people were saying that rocking jump is not as safe, but as long as your children have common sense, they should be fine.

How Much Is Sky Zone Per Person?

$17.99 60 minutes | $22.99 Unlimited (Every Friday and Saturday – 6pm-9pm) Glow-in-the-dark Sky Zone t-shirt is required.

Does Rockin Jump Have Free Wifi?

Rockin’ Jump is the South Metro’s birthday party headquarters. Our indoor recreation & trampoline park is perfect for any age of thrill seeker. Offering private party rooms, a cafe, ample comfortable seating for adults who choose not to play, TVs & free Wi-Fi.

What Time Does Rockin Jump Close?

We are open 11am-8pm!

Does Urban Air Give You Socks?

***Urban Air Socks are required. Prices Do Not Include Tax.

What Is In Sky Zone?

A typical Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park consists of several trampoline courts, which are arrays of trampolines placed horizontally and surrounded by trampolines placed at angles that serve as the court’s walls. The springs for each trampoline are covered by mats to prevent visitors from falling into these holes.