Is Strider Knives Still In Business?

Strider is no longer in commercial production, but still makes customs. He started a style unique and not seen before, as usual, the knife making community have copied it and are offering similar knives because styles sell.

Does Strider Still Make Knives?

The last “Strider Knives” will be sold at Blade Show 2017, at the end of which we will strike the Strider Knives colors. I will continue to produce select items on a limited basis thru MSC as my “Classic Line”. I will also continue warranty service on all Strider Knives products.

What Does Strider Sng Stand For?

SMF stands for Strider Military Folder and has a 4″ blade, 3.25″ cutting edge, and has an overall length of 9″ The SnG is the medium-sized folder. SnG stands for “Randy Shughart and Gary Gordon,” two military professionals Mick Strider named this knife after.

Where Are Strider Knives Made?

Strider Knives, Inc. is a custom and production knifemaking facility headed by Mick Strider based in San Marcos, California.