What Are The Physical Requirements For Cbp?

The Customs and Border Protection Officer PFT-1 consists of three components: sit-ups, push-ups and a 12″ step test. You must successfully complete each component in order to pass the Customs and Border Protection Officer PFT-1.

What Are The Physical Requirements For Border Patrol?

It measures your overall physical fitness level and requires the following:

Complete a 220-yard run in 46 seconds or less.

Complete 25 sit-ups in 1 minute.

Complete 20 push-ups in 1 minute.

Complete a 1.5-mile run in 15 minutes or less.

How Hard Is The Cbp Exam?

The first challenge that must be met by CBP Officer applicants is passing the CBP Officer Entrance Examination. It is comprised of the Logical Reasoning Test; the Arithmetic Reasoning Test; and the Writing Skills Test. The minimum score that you need to obtain for this test is 70 points. Work hard and you can!!

What Is The Passing Score For Cbp Exam?


What Are The Age Requirements For Border Patrol?

You must be a U.S. citizen or resident under 40 years of age to qualify for a job as a border patrol agent. Exceptions are made for individuals with a military background and those with past federal law enforcement experience.

What Happens If You Fail The Cbp Fitness Test?

A PFT-1 Pass result is valid for one year, or as long as a candidate’s selection for the position remains active. If a candidate receives a PFT-1 Fail result, the candidate can reapply and be afforded another opportunity to complete the PFT-1 upon selection.

How Long Does It Take To Get Hired As A Cbp Officer?

CBP’s current average time to hire for Officers and Agents is 300 days. The Fast Track Hiring Process is aimed at reducing the time to hire to 120 days or less. In the past, CBP has struggled meeting its CBPO and BPA hiring goals.

What Is Cbp Medical Test?

A complete blood count (CBC) is a blood test used to evaluate your overall health and detect a wide range of disorders, including anemia, infection and leukemia. Red blood cells, which carry oxygen. White blood cells, which fight infection. Hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells.

Do You Have To Know Spanish To Be Border Patrol?

Do I have to speak Spanish to join the U.S. Border Patrol? Not in order to get hired. You must learn Spanish while at the Border Patrol Academy and you must pass a series of Spanish tests after entering on duty in order to continue in the Border Patrol.

What Does The Cbp Test Consist Of?

The Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) Entrance Exam takes 4–6 hours to complete and consists of four different sections: logical reasoning, arithmetic reasoning, writing skills, and work style (personal assessment).

How Long Is Border Patrol Boot Camp?

All new border patrol agents receive training at the CBP Border Patrol Academy in Artesia, New Mexico. The training program, which is 58 days long, includes instruction in integrated law, physical training, firearms instruction, and driving.

How Many Hours Do Border Patrol Work?

A: A Border Patrol Agent is required to work overtime and may work long hours. Sixty-hour weeks and 10 to 16 hour days are not that uncommon. An Agent works irregular rotating shifts every two to four weeks.

What Is The Difference Between Cbp Officer And Agent?

Border patrol agents are usually responsible for larger areas, such as off-road regions with few or no other security measures. CBP officers work almost exclusively at ports of entry, such as airports, and may spend more time inspecting packages and processing paperwork than interacting with people.

What Kind Of Questions Do The Cbp Officers Ask?

Be Prepared for Questions From CBP Officials Why are you visiting the United States? Where will you be staying? Who will you be visiting? How long will you be staying? How much money are you bringing? Have you visited the United States before, and if so, did you remain longer than you were supposed to?

Are Cbp Officers Police?

CBP officers are federal law enforcement officers in the largest CBP Office of Field Operations empowered to exercise the authority and perform the duties provided by law and Department of Homeland Security regulations, including making arrests, conducting searches, making seizures, bearing firearms, and serving any

How Many Days A Week Do Cbp Officers Work?

COPRA also provides premium pay for night work differential, Sunday work, and holiday work providing the Office of Field Operations (OFO) with the ability to support necessary operations 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year.

Do You Get Paid While At Cbp Academy?

While at the Border Patrol Academy for basic training, you will earn your regular salary. You will also get free lodging and meals at the Academy, plus a small daily allowance for incidental expenses.

Do You Need A Degree For Cbp?

CBP Officer The minimum educational requirement for applicants is a high school diploma or GED. In addition, there is a requirement for three years of professional experience involving meeting and dealing with people. A bachelor’s degree satisfies this requirement.

Can You Use A Calculator On The Cbp Exam?

You will take the entrance exam on a computer. Your proctor will give you scratch paper, pencils, and a calculator to use during the exam. You will not be able to bring your own materials into the testing room.