What Can You Drink In The Azores?

While mineral water is available in restaurants and shops, it’s safe to drink the tap water in hotels and homes in the Azores, so remember to bring refillable water bottles and keep your family hydrated round the clock.

What Do They Eat In The Azores?

The Azores Food Guide

Bolos Lêvedos. These amazing English-muffin-looking breads are a must when you visit the Azores.

Cheese. The cheese from the Azores is famous.

Soup. Soup is a big part of island life here.


Caldeira Cooked Corn.




Are There Sharks Around The Azores?

Many shark species cruise the open ocean but the chances of finding them at any given time are minimal. Fortunately, the Azores are in the migration pathway of some oceanic shark species that cruise the North Atlantic, such as the blue shark (Prionace glauca) and the shortfin mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus).

What Is The Most Popular Island In The Azores?

You’ll also find Ponta Delgada, the biggest city in the Azores (60,000) with many tasty restaurants, nightlife on the weekends, museums, and winding streets. If you have less than a week, São Miguel is the best Azores island for you.

Is There Crime In The Azores?

Portugal has a relatively low rate of violent crime. The Azores has an even lower crime rate. Pick-pocketing and purse-snatching are not common occurrences in the Azores. There are no reports of organized crime or gangs.

Is Azores Expensive?

They are expensive to get to, expensive to live on, and generally expensive to visit. Without any direct access to a continent, even the most basic supplies are imported and are priced accordingly. Despite their remote location and a currency of the historically strong Euro, the Azores are gleefully affordable.

What Should I Buy In The Azores?

10 unique things to buy in the Azores Azorean liquor. There are so many varieties of liquors (“licores”) in Portugal to choose from and try. Azorean beer. Wickerwork. Canned tuna in olive oil. Azorean pineapples. Azorean typical charcuterie. Tea from the Gorreana tea factory. Kima.

What Are The Azores Known For?

Home to about 250,000 people, the Azores are known for their vibrantly-colored blue green lakes, fertile prairies, volcanic craters, colorful hydrangeas, 15th century churches, and majestic manor houses.

How Do You Eat Lapas?

Lapas. Lapas are one of the various types of seafood that you can eat in the Azores. Within the islands they are served either fresh or grilled, personally we like them grilled with lemon. Most restaurants serve the dish as an appetizer, and its usually best paired with an ice cold beer, or Laranjada.

What Does Portuguese Food Consist Of?

The roots of Portuguese food lie in both native peasant cookery and the ingredients obtained through trade routes established many centuries ago. Bread, rice, spices, pastries, sausages, and seafood — especially cod — remain the staples of many Portuguese meals.

Who Discovered The Azores?

Diogo de Silves

How Do You Get To The Azores?

In addition to the increasing number of direct flights offered by companies such as TAP (Portuguese Official Airline) and SATA (Azorean Official Airline) from the main European cities, getting to the Azores has never been so easy: you just need to reach Lisbon or Porto to have frequent connections with the town of

Is Portuguese Cheese Pasteurized?

A semi-hard matured Portuguese cheese, yellowish in color, with small irregular holes and a firm consistency. It has a mild and clean aroma and taste. It is produced from raw cow’s milk, and has minimum aging period of 3 months. Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, salt, rennet, and cheese cultures.

What Is The Best Island To Stay On In The Azores?

Sao Miguel

Do The Azores Have Beaches?

Despite not being a tropical beach destination at all, one of the most unique landscapes in Azores are its beaches (or in Portuguese: praias). There are almost 40 beaches in Azores distinguished with the European Blue Flag for its environmental and quality standards.

Is Azores Worth Visiting?

Ponta Delgada will be your first destination in the archipelago. A good thing about Azores is that you can visit it in the most gloomy winter months of the year and still enjoy. Even if you have just a few days, while visiting Portugal, it is so worth it to travel to Azores, at least for a long weekend!

How Do You Pronounce Azores?

Whatever the natives tell you, legendary or not, the way they pronounce Azores is different from the way the rest of the world pronounces the word: The locals here say ah-SORSH` and not AY`-zorz.

Is Terceira Worth Visiting?

Very Beautiful Park – Terceira Island is Well Worth a 1-2 Day Visit. A very beautiful park, well laid out and surprisingly very clean. No trash, graffiti, etc., to be seen anywhere.

Where Is The Best Place To Visit In The Azores?

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Azores, Portugal Swim in geothermal pools. Hike Pico mountain. Eat lapas. Horse-drawn carriage ride. Attend a festival. Try standup paddleboarding. Visit the different beaches. Visit Sete Cidades. Head west in São Miguel for one of the most dramatic and iconic views in the Azores: the crater and lakes at Sete Cidades.