What Does Tldr Mean On Reddit?

TL;DR: Too Long; Didn’t Read Ain’t nobody got time for that. TL;DR is usedwhen large text posted, it’s basically a recap of events in a shortsentence. Example: TL;DR: This is a guide to Redditspeak.

What Does Tldr Stand For On Reddit?

too long; didn’tread

What Is The Tldr Version Of Your Life?

TLDR is an acronym for Too Long, Didn’t Read.Comments that include the letters “TLDR” usually indicatesthat the text was too long and they didn’t want to read it, but itmight instead be the commenter’s summary of thecontent.

What Does Mrw Mean On Reddit?

ITT means “In this thread” LOL means“Laugh out loud” LoL means “League ofLegends”, a popular online game. MRW and MFWmean “My reaction when” and “My face when”, respectively.NSFL means “Not safe for life” (explicit and offensive;often gore)

What Does Tdlr Mean?

TDLR. Too Damn Lazy to Reply. Miscellaneous» Unclassified. Rate it: TDLR.

What Does Tifu Mean?

TIFU means “Today I F*cked Up”. The acronymTIFU is used with the meaning “Today I F*cked Up” as anadmission that the sender has done something wrong or made a messof something (i.e., made a mistake).

What Does S Mean On Reddit?

It stands for sarcasm. Written word can be hard tointerpet and some people just don’t understand sometimes, so peopleput /s at the end of a sentence so people know they were notreally saying what they were saying. [deleted] 17 points · 5years ago. gah it just takes all the fun out of it.

What Does The Cake Mean In Reddit?

Your Reddit “Cake Day” is theyearly anniversary of when you signed up on Reddit. Itis typically represented by a little cake icon whichappears next to your username on Reddit, and if it’s yourcake day, other Redditors tend to be more generous withtheir upvotes!

What Does Tr Dl Mean?

Phrase. TLDR. (Internet slang) Alternative form oftl;dr.

What Is Nsfw In Reddit Mean?

“NSFW” is an acronym that is shortfor “Not Safe For Work.” This is a common internetacronym typically used to describe content that would generally notbe appropriate to view at work in the presence of coworkers, yourboss or even family members when you’re at home.

What Does Ftfy Mean On Reddit?

FTFY stands for: Fixed That For You.

What Does Cw And Tw Mean?

The Meaning of TW TW means “Trigger Warning” So now you know -TW means “Trigger Warning” – don’t thankus.

What Does R Mean On Reddit?

Basically so we would all be able to stay sane whendiscussing Reddit without having to explain the doublemeanings for specific terms. So when the admins originallyimplemented subreddits the /r/name nomenclature stood for”reddit”. As in this is the /reddit/help which wasrepresented by the URL short-hand /r/help.

What Does Afk Mean?

Afk is an abbreviation for away from keyboard. Itlets people know that you will not be at your keyboard for a while,or that you will not be online for a period of time.

What Does Otp Mean?

One True Pairing

What Does Imo Mean?

In My Opinion

What Does Op Mean?

original poster

What Does Fr Mean?

So now you know – FR means “For Real” – don’tthank us. YW! What does FR mean? FR is an acronym,abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where theFR definition is given.

What Does Tna Stand For Sexually?

tit’s and asses is used in Sexual Acronym Slang.The word t-n-a is used in Sexual, Acronym, Slangmeaning tit’s and asses.