What Is Dragon Cave?

Dragon Cave is a free adoptables site. Thesegraphics consist of sprites: small pixelated images that “grow” onyour scroll (the scroll being a list attributed to your personalaccount, consisting of your dragons and their statistics).Based on time, clicks, and views, the dragon will hatch andgrow into an adult.

Where Is Dragon Cave?

It is located on a gorge on the side of a mountain andit used to be the old capital of the island. Only 7 kilometers fromthe main town and fifteen minutes from Panagia is the knownDragon Cave (Dracotrypa Cave) that literally meansdragon hole.

How Do You Hatch An Egg In Dragon Cave?

When eggs are close to hatching, they willstart to crack. First it’s a small crack, then another crackadjoining onto the first crack, then there’s a small hole in themiddle, after that the hole will grow larger, and yourdragon will hatch. Dragons do not requireclicks, although clicks help.

What Does Cb Mean In Dragon Cave?

CB stands for “caveborn”, meaning dragonstaken from one of the biomes in the cave rather than bredfrom two other dragons. Here is an example of a CBlineage. PB stands for “purebred”, meaning a dragonthat has been bred from two or more parents that are the same breedas it.

How Many Clicks Does It Take To Hatch A Dragon Cave Egg?

5000-12000 views