What Is Eddie The Eagle Rated?

Too much sexual humor for 12 years old, it is a PG-13 movie. Add your ratingSee all 10 parent reviews.

How Accurate Is Eddie The Eagle?

about 5%

What Does Eddie The Eagle Do For A Living?

Singer Skier

How Much Is Eddie The Eagle Worth Now?

The money—more than $1 million—came and went, too.

What Is Eddie The Eagle Famous For?

Michael Edwards (born 5 December 1963), known as “Eddie the Eagle”, is an English ski-jumper who in 1988 became the first competitor since 1928 to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping, finishing last in the 70 m and 90 m events.

Did Eddie The Eagle Get Drunk?

Upon arriving in Calgary, he receives instant scorn from the other British athletes, who get him drunk and nearly provoke him into fighting after he is subsequently absent from the opening ceremonies. Despite finishing last in the 70m jump with 60.5 metres (198 ft), Eddie sets a British record.

Did Eddie The Eagle Miss Opening Ceremony?

No. In fact-checking Eddie the Eagle, we learned that the real Eddie had significantly more experience. Eddie had narrowly missed making the British downhill team for the 1984 Winter Olympics, a moment that is fictionalized in the movie to make Eddie look more hopeless (Yahoo Sports).

Is The Eagle Movie Based On A True Story?

The Eagle is a 2011 epic historical drama film set in Roman Britain directed by Kevin Macdonald, and starring Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell and Donald Sutherland. The story is based on the Ninth Spanish Legion’s supposed disappearance in Britain. The film was an Anglo-American co-production.

What Happened To Eddie The Eagle Edwards After The Olympics?

Eddie ‘the Eagle’ soars again: ski jumper returns 30 years after Calgary Olympics. Nearly three decades after he finished last in two Olympic events – and charmed the world in the process – the British ski jumper Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards has again soared through the air in Calgary, Canada.

Who Holds The British Ski Jumping Record?

James Lambert

What Age Rating Is Eddie The Eagle?

Too much sexual humor for 12 years old, it is a PG-13 movie. Add your ratingSee all 10 parent reviews.

Who Plays The Flying Finn In Eddie The Eagle?

Matti Nykänen

How Old Is Eddie The Eagle?

56 years (December 5, 1963)

Is Eddie The Eagle Married?

Samantha Morton m. 2003–2016

What Distance Did Eddie The Eagle Jump?

In 1986 he jumped a British record distance of 68m in Kandersteg, Switzerland, to bring his Olympic dream that much closer.

Who Won The 1988 Winter Olympics?

Italy’s Alberto Tomba won gold in two skiing events, his first of five career Olympic medals en route to becoming the first alpine skier to win medals at three Winter Games.

Where Was Eddie The Eagle Born?

Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Where Did Eddie The Eagle Go To School?

De Montfort University