What Is Pulchritude Pronunciation?

It may sound like quite the opposite, but pulchritude actually means “beauty.” Pulchritude is one of those words that is more often commented upon for its oddness than actually used in its intended meaning. Many people dislike the sound of this word or are surprised to find that it is a synonym of beauty.

Is Pulchritude An English Word?

It’s a descendant of the Latin adjective pulcher, which means “beautiful.” Pulcher hasn’t exactly been a wellspring of English terms, but it did give us both pulchritude and pulchritudinous, an adjective meaning “attractive” or “beautiful.” The verb pulchrify (a synonym of beautify), the noun pulchritudeness (same

What Is The Synonym Of Pulchritude?

Synonyms. beauty curvaceousness shapeliness voluptuousness. Antonyms. ugliness unattractiveness unpleasingness beautiful ugly.

How Do You Use The Word Pulchritude?

(1) Her youngster and pulchritude could expose her to danger . (2) Her dress shows her pulchritude to advantage. (3) The woman done not don’t love of pulchritude, to own face base”spiteful hand” like this also need equal prowess. (4) From waste and death comes such incredible pulchritude.

What Is A Pulchritudinous Person?

pulchritudinous. adjective. The definition of pulchritudinous is a way to describe great physical beauty. A person who is very beautiful would be described as pulchritudinous.

What Does Puerility Mean?

Immature, especially in being silly or trivial; childish. See Synonyms at young. 2. Archaic Belonging to childhood; juvenile. [Latin puerīlis, from puer, child, boy; see pau- in Indo-European roots.]

What Is The Opposite Of Misanthrope?

From the same source, philanthropy is the opposite of misanthropy, literally a love of mankind that expresses itself in active efforts to help other people.

What Does Comeliness Mean?

Pleasing and wholesome in appearance; attractive. See Synonyms at beautiful. 2. Suitable; seemly: comely behavior. [Middle English comli, alteration (probably influenced by bicomli, seemly) of cumli, from Old English cȳmlic, lovely, delicate, from cȳme, beautiful.]

What Does Moral Pulchritude Mean?

Pulchritude(noun) that quality of appearance which pleases the eye; beauty; comeliness; grace; loveliness. Pulchritude(noun) attractive moral excellence; moral beauty.

What Is A Fulcrum?

The definition of a fulcrum is a pivot point around which a lever turns, or something that plays a central role in or is in the center of a situation or activity. A pivot point around which a lever turns is an example of a fulcrum.

What Does The Phrase So Be It Mean?

phrase. used for saying that you accept a situation in which something has been decided or is necessary, although you are not happy about it. If you’ve really decided to quit the music business, then so be it.

What Is The Meaning Of Xanthosis?

Definition of xanthosis. 1 : yellow discoloration of the skin from abnormal causes. 2 : a virus disease of the strawberry plant characterized by crinkling and curling, yellowing and dwarfing of the leaves, and stunting of the entire plant.

What Is A Synonym For Fulcrum?

Synonyms of ‘fulcrum’ The heart of the problem is supply and demand. hinge. hub.

What Is The Synonym Of Quaint?

quaint. Synonyms: curious, recondite, abstruse, elegant, nice, affected, whimsical, odd, antique, archaic, fanciful, singular, old-fashioned. Antonyms: commonplace, ordinary, usual, coarse, common, modern, modish, fashionable, dowdy.

What Is The Synonym Of Disastrous?

Synonyms for disastrous adverse. calamitous. cataclysmic. catastrophic. destructive. dire. dreadful. fatal.

What Word Means The Most Beautiful?

Pulchritudinous | Definition of Pulchritudinous at Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com.

What Word Means More Than Beautiful?

Elegant, gorgeous, ideal, lovely, stunning, radiant, exquisite, fair, fetching, delicate, divine, dazzling, enticing, enthralling, magnificent, resplendent, mesmerizing, charming, captivating, adorable, alluring.

What’s A Big Word?

Definition of big word. : a difficult word used to try to impress someone You don’t need to use big words to make your point.

What Do You Call An Attractive Woman?

Foxy is another word that is used in English to describe a very attractive woman or man. You can say “she’s foxy,” or “She is a fox,” although this word is not used so much nowadays (it’s more 7o’s slang).