What Is The Value Bundle For Metropcs?

What is Value Bundle? Value Bundle includes 5 great Services for only $5. The features included in the Value Bundle are the following: Call Forwarding: Forward calls from your cell phone to any local number.

What Is Metro Security Bundle?

The Premium Security Bundle, at $10/month, is Metro’s most robust security package. It includes: Premium Handset Protection with McAfee Security. Name ID – caller ID for numbers that aren’t in your contacts. Call forwarding.

What Is Screen It Metropcs?

MetroPCS has launched a new service called Screen-it, to “allow consumers to more successfully manage incoming calls to their phone by seeing the caller’s name before answering the call.” As you’ve probably figured out, Screen-it displays the calling party’s name on a subscriber’s mobile phone.

What Is A Value Bundle?

A Big Value Bundle converts your credit into a bundle of data, minutes and texts, giving you more value from your TopUp.

Is Roaming Free On Metro Pcs?

MetroPCS Services None incur per-minute roaming fee charges in the nationwide coverage area. However, MetroPCS users can incur roaming charges when they travel outside the U.S. to certain countries.

How Do You Forward Calls Without A Phone?

Dial 1-888-294-1618 from any touch-tone phone. Enter the phone number of the phone to be forwarded. Enter the call forwarding PIN, then “#.” The PIN number is provided by Verizon when services are set up.

How Do I Forward My Calls Without A Phone Metro Pcs?

Dial “*72” (excluding the quotation marks) plus the 10-digit number the calls will be forward to on the MetroPCS phone. For example, if the number plus area code is 777- 555-5555, you would dial *72-777-555-5555. 2. Press the “SEND” button on the phone key pad.

What Is Shared Calling?

Shared Call Appearance is a feature that allows you to have more than one device assigned to your user account. This means you can have a phone at your office, another phone at your house, and the Nextiva App on your smartphone, and you can make and receive calls from any of these devices via your Nextiva phone number.

What Does Metropcs Insurance Cover?

The Premium Handset Protection® Program Comprehensive mobile device protection. Your device will be covered against loss, theft, physical damage, liquid damage, mechanical or electrical breakdown after the manufacturer’s warranty period has expired. Don’t be without your device.

Does Metro Have Call Forwarding?

On All MetroPCS Devices MetroPCS allows you to set up two different types of call forwarding options on any device regardless of operating system. The first type is Instant Call Forwarding. Set-up MetroPCS Instant Call Forwarding by dialing “72” on your phone plus the number that you want your calls forwarded to.

How Much Is A Metropcs Calling Card?

MetroPCS is now selling prepaid calling cards exclusively at Walmart. The By the Minute cards are available in two options: a $20 card comes with 500 voice minutes, or 4 cents per minute, and a $30 will entitle you to 1,000 minutes, or three cents per minute. For both cards, you can use the calling minutes at anytime.

What Is Metropcs Global Voice?

$10 Global Voice Unlimited is available only when you are in Metro’s service areas and may not work in areas served by our roaming partners. Customer will receive unlimited to calls and unlimited text messages to Brazil, China (excl.

How Do I Get A Big Value Bundle?

You can opt in by: Logging in to My Vodafone. Calling 4354 free from your Vodafone phone. Texting BIGVALUE10, BIGVALUE15, BIGVALUE20 or BIGVALUE30 to 2345, free from your Vodafone Pay as you go phone. You’ll need to send the text from the phone you want to add the Big Value Bundle to.

What Is Screen It Free Trial?

Easily Control What Shows on Your Digital Signage Screens ScreenCloud is simple digital signage software that lets you create and control your content on one, or many, screens. From anywhere. Try It Free. 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

What Is Screenit?

ScreenIt is our very favorite movie review site, all-around. ScreenIt provides all the details about the content of a movie, so we and our five children (now ages 22-12), can decide if we want to watch or not.

How Do I Setup My Voicemail Metro Pcs?

Press “1” on your Metro PCS phone, then press “Send” to access your voicemail. You can also dial your cell phone number to access your voicemail. When you set up your voicemail the first time, you will have to follow a series of prompts. You will be prompted to create a password and a personalized greeting.

Does Metropcs Have International Data?

MetroPCS has a $10 World Calling plan add-on to its prepaid service. The feature gives you 200 minutes of voice calls, 200MB of data and 200 text messages in selected countries. The pack includes unlimited calling and texting and unlimited use of your plan’s high-speed data when in Mexico, free of roaming charges.

Can Metro Pcs Work In Europe?

MetroPCS’ International Roaming Service allows you to use your compatible MetroPCS device in selected international countries utilizing the networks of available compatible international roaming networks. MetroPCS does not provide service outside the United States.

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