What Was Invented In 1894?

1894 Mousetrap The first mouse trap was invented by William C. Hooker of Abingdon, Illinois, exactly three years before James Henry Atkinson developed a prototype called the “Little Nipper”.

What Was Invented In 1875?

1875 Telephone invented (see 1876). Electric dental drill patented by George Green. Siegfried Marcus patents an internal combustion engine. While using paraffin in an attempt to invent and improve telegraphy tape, Thomas Alva Edison discovers a way to make duplicate copies of documents instead.

What Was Invented In 1929?

Firsts, Inventions and Wonders: When first created in 1929, 7-Up (7 ounces of “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda”.) contained the mood enhancing drug lithium citrate, and did so until it was removed from the formula in 1950. Mickey Mouse was the first ever cartoon character to talk.

What Was Invented In The 1890S?

49 Items listed

When Invention Place 1889 Rayon France 1890 Electric Train England 1890 Jukebox USA 1891 Electric Kettle USA

What Was Invented In 1930?

What Inventions Were Made In The 1850S?

Inventions of 1850-1950 January 1850. Dishwasher. Joel Houghton made and invented the first patented dishwasher in 1850. April 1853. Manned Glider. April 1862. Machine Gun. April 1866. Dynamite. November 1873. Barbed Wire. November 1876. Telephone. November 1877. Moving Pictures. November 1878. Toilet Paper.

What Was Made In 1944?

Famous Inventions in 1944 Kidney Dialysis. Kidneys regulate blood content, removing harmful waste and toxins so organs and cells receive proper nutrients and stay healthy. Sunscreen. During WWII, airman (and future pharmacist) Benjamin Green noticed many soldiers suffering from sunburn. Calculator. Clue. Assault Rifle.

What Was Made In 1900?

Inventors 1900 to 1999 Orville and Wilbur Wright Orville was at the controls of the world’s first powered flight while Wilbur observed (1903). Christian Hulsmeyer The first radar system used in shipping (1904) Leo Baekeland Inventor of plastic (1905) Reginald Fessenden Invented radio broadcasting (1906)

What Was Invented In 1776?

FREE Newsletter 1701 Jethro Tull invents the seed drill. 1775 Alexander Cummings invents the flush toilet. Jacques Perrier invents a steamship. 1776 David Bushnell invents a submarine. 1779 Samuel Crompton invents the spinning mule. 1780 Benjamin Franklin invents bi-focal eyeglasses. Gervinus invents the circular saw.

Who Invented Plastic?

Leo Hendrik Baekeland

What Was Invented In 1848?

1848 Pin tumbler lock The earliest pin-tumble locks were made over 4,000 years ago by the Egyptians. But due to their large, cumbersome size and since they were made of wood, the locks were not practical to use. In 1848, Linus Yale, Sr. invented the modern pin-tumbler lock.

What Was Invented In 1877?

Yet this man invented the first machine that could capture sound and play it back. In fact, the phonograph was his favorite invention. The first phonograph was invented in 1877 at the Menlo Park lab. A piece of tin-foil was wrapped around the cylinder in the middle.

What Was Invented In 1869?

Event of Interest Feb 2 James Oliver invents removable tempered steel plow blade. Feb 3 Booth Theater at 23rd & 6th opens in NYC (Romeo & Juliet) Feb 5 World’s largest alluvial gold nugget, the Welcome Stranger, found by John Deason and Richard Oates (weighting 97.14kg) in Moliagul, Australia.

What Major Events Happened In 1868?

What Happened in 1868 1868. Elizabeth Blackwell establishes a Women’s Medical College. 1868 to 1872. William “Buffalo Bill” Cody serves as a scout for the United States Army. 1868. Ulysses S. 1868. The Treaty Of Fort Laramie Is Signed. 1868. Jean-Martin Charcot Diagnoses Multiple Sclerosis. Feb 23 1868. Feb 24 1868. May 16 1868.

What Was Made In 1885?

10 Revolutionary Inventions from 1885 Getty Images. The Motorcycle. German engineer Gottlieb Daimler was a driven man. iStock. Canned Evaporated Milk. Getty Images. The Electric Transformer. Getty Images. The Fabergé Egg. iStock. The Toothbrush. Philip Spruyt/Corbis. Huckleberry Finn. Getty Images/Comstock Images. AT&T. Getty Images. Dr Pepper.

What Was Invented In 1909?

Breadcrumb Date Innovation Society 1909 Gunnison Tunnel ASCE 1903 Hart Parr Tractor ASME 1909 Hughes Two-Cone Drill Bit ASME 1903 Ingalls Building ASCE

When Was The Dishwasher Invented?

Josephine Garis Cochran invented the first useful dishwasher in Shelbyville, Ill., and received patent # 355,139 on December 28, 1886. Cochran, a wealthy woman who entertained often, wanted a machine that could wash dishes faster than her servants, and without breaking them.

What Was Invented In The 1920S?

The list of inventions that shaped America in the 1920s included the automobile, the airplane, the washing machine, the radio, the assembly line, refrigerator, garbage disposal, electric razor, instant camera, jukebox and television.

Who Was Born In 1929?

Famous People Born In 1929. Discover the most famous people born in 1929. The list includes people like Whitey Bulger, Audrey Hepburn, Anne Frank, Grace Kelly, Yasser Arafat and many more.