Which Is Better Mahe Or Praslin?

Praslin is famous for the Anse Lazio beach that always makes it top 15 of the best beaches in the world. Praslin is a lot smaller than Mahe, but still not very walkable. Praslin is much smaller compared to Mahe, and it’s not all fantastic turquoise beaches as you can imagine.

How Do I Get From Mahe To Praslin?

Mahe to Praslin. Getting from Mahe to Praslin is quick and easy aboard a Cat Cocos high-speed catamaran – Isle of Mahe or Isle of Praslin. In just 60 minutes you’ll be transported from Mahe’s Victoria quayside to the Baie Sainte Anne jetty on Praslin.

Which Seychelles Islands To Visit?

No trip to the Seychelles would be complete without visiting the three main islands: Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue.

Mahé Largest and main island of the Seychelles, Mahé is the most popular Seychelles destination with a great variety of big hotels and luxury resorts.


La Digue.




Cousin or Cousine.

How Far Is Praslin From Mahe?

47 km

Is Seychelles Worth Visiting?

Yes the Seychelles are worth it. Posh hotels, splendid views and post card beaches and la moutia and seychellois !

How Much Is Ferry From Mahe To Praslin?

The price for Mahe – Praslin is 50 € for adults (one-way) in the main cabin. Children 02-12 years old only pay 25 € (one-way). The price for Mahe – La Digue is 60 € for adults (one-way) in the main cabin. Children 02-12 years old only pay 30 € (one-way).

Does Uber Work In Seychelles?

An Uber for the island: New app Bouzāy can call a cab in Seychelles. (Seychelles News Agency) – The whole world seems to be talking about the taxi app Uber. Now Seychelles has its very own version. Taxi operators and customers can both download the app for free.

How Much Is The Ferry From Praslin To La Digue?

The price is 14 Euros for adults and half for children 02-12 years old. Infants below 2 years travel free. If you book at the jetty you will pay more.

How Do I Get To Praslin?

Getting To & Around Praslin Getting There: Jumping between islands in the Seychelles is pretty easy– you can choose from ferries or flights. There are speed ferries that run between the main island, Mahé, and Praslin (with onward connections to La Digue), that take about 50 minutes.

How Far Is La Digue From Mahe?

The distance between La Digue and Mahe Island Airport (SEZ) is 50 km.

What Airlines Fly To The Seychelles?

Emirates flights Delta flights Ethiopian Airlines flights British Airways flights Etihad Airways flights Condor flights Air France flights Turkish Airlines flights South African Airways flights Qatar Airways flights Air Seychelles flights

Where Do You Recommend To Stay In Seychelles?

From family-friendly resorts to hyperexclusive private islands, here’s a guide to eight of the Seychelles’ greatest escapes: MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa. North Island. Six Senses Zil Pasyon. Four Seasons Seychelles. Constance Lemuria. Le Domaine de L’Orangeraie. Raffles Seychelles. Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa.

How Do You Island Hop In Seychelles?

It’s very easy to island hop around the Seychelles. You either hop by light aircraft and fly between the islands, travel by sea aboard a boat or charter a helicopter. Any way you choose, you’ll have short travel times to make the most of your time on the islands.

How Do I Get From La Digue To Praslin?

From their base at the Praslin jetty, Inter Island Ferry Seychelles operates a regular fast ferry service to and from the idyllic island of La Digue. Their two high-speed catamarans – Cat Rose’s I & II – make light work of the journey, whisking you in comfort between the islands in just 15 minutes!

How Do You Get From Mahe To La Digue?

Ferry from La Digue to Mahé, usually with a stopover on Praslin. Stop over on Praslin can take 15, 30 or 45 minutes depending on the day of the week and a boat change may be required at times. For more daily connections choose first La Digue-Praslin and then Praslin-Mahe.

What Is Seychelles Famous?

Seychelles is a paradise on Earth. The beautiful country is blessed with deep blue waters and white sandy beaches with exotic sea life, becoming a famous honeymoon destination. The 115-island country is within the Indian Ocean off East Africa and actually has the least population among independent African countries.

Are The Seychelles Expensive?

The Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands off the east coast of Africa, are known for being extremely beautiful — and extremely expensive. There are even whole islands commandeered by one resort, such as Cerf Island, which consists solely of the 24 villas that make up the aptly named Cerf Island Resort.

What Is The Best Month To Visit Seychelles?

The best times to visit Seychelles are April, May, October and November. These months represent the transition times between the hot and humid northwest trade winds (from November through March) and the cooler southeast trade winds that define April through October.

Who Owns The Seychelles Islands?

Seychelles and Mauritius were given to England by the Treaty of Paris in 1814. During the 19th century, chinese and indian tradesmen, together with former slaves settled in the island. They founded their own colony seperated from the Crown in 1903.