Who Is The Current Guild Master Of Fairy Tail?

Makarov Dreyar

Who Are The Guild Masters Of Fairy Tail?

There have been a long line of Fairy Tail Guild Masters.

The Founder and First Guild Master a.k.a First: Mavis Vermillion.

The Second Guild Master a.k.a Second:

The Third and Sixth Guild Master a.k.a Third and Sixth:

The Fourth Guild Master a.k.a Fourth:

The Fifth Guild Master a.k.a Fifth:

The Seventh Guild Master:

Will Natsu Become Guild Master?

Fairy Tail is moving along with its final season, and it looks like things are going well for its main guild. After a long time apart, Natsu’s guild has reunited, and a brand-new leader has been sworn in to lead the group. And, no — Gajeel was not elected guild master.

Who Are The 5 S Class Wizard In Fairy Tail?


Name Rank Team Gildarts Clive S-Class Mage 5th Guild Master None Erza Scarlet S-Class Mage 7th Guild Master Team Natsu Mirajane Strauss S-Class Mage None Mystogan S-Class Mage None

Who Is The Strongest In Fairy Tail Guild?

Here are the ten strongest members of the Fairy Tail guild.

Is Lucy Zeref’s Wife?

Zeref’s Wife. Lucy Heartfilia also know as the dark queen is married to Zeref Vermillion brother of Mavis Vermillion so she is known as Lucy Heartfilia Vermillion. Her and Zeref are 400 years old together they where married at the age of 18.

Who Wins The S Class Trial In Fairy Tail?

Past Results X778 Laxus Dreyar (Age 17) X779 No Successful Candidate X780 Erza Scarlet (Age 15) X781 Mirajane Strauss (Age 16)

How Did Yuri Dreyar Die?

Six years after this, in X696, Yuri’s son, Makarov, is born and his wife dies minutes after giving birth, killed by Mavis’ Ankhseram Curse. In the year X700 he passed away for unknown reasons, never learning that Mavis’ curse was the reason for his wife’s death.

Does Makarov Die?

With Makarov dead, this adds a heavier toll to carry Fairy Tail through the rest of this war. But that’s if Makarov is truly dead. Gajeel died in an earlier episode this final season, and came back a few episodes later so there’s still hope but it’s looking grim now.

Is Gildarts A Wizard Saint?

It’s likely Gildarts was never nominated for or applied for Wizard Saint. It’s also likely that there is an exam/test involved just like the Grand Magic games. More importantly, while Gildarts feigns laziness, it’s just a masque for him to be able to handle the more underground obligations of keeping Fairy Tail safe.

Who Is Makarov’s Wife?

Rita (?? Rita) was the mother of Fairy Tail’s Guild Master, Makarov Dreyar and the deceased wife of one of the founders of the same guild, Yuri Dreyar.

Is Lucy An S Class Wizard?

Basically S-Class Mage has to have both brawns and brains. Natsu and Grey have brawns but not much brains and Lucy has brains but not much brawn. That’s why neither of them is an S-Class Mage.

Who Is The Strongest Fairy Tail Wizard?

Laxus is the strongest Dreyar from Fairy tail. He is the grandson of Makarov (master of fariy tail)and great grandson of Yuri (one of the founder of fairy tail). He is the second generation lightning dragon slayer and an S class mage.

Is Juvia S Class?

Juvia Lockser (????·???? Jubia Rokusā) is a Mage of Fairy Tail and is a former S-Class Mage of the now-disbanded Phantom Lord guild where she was a member of its elite team, the Element 4, with her corresponding element being water.

Does Lucy Like Natsu?

Lucy shares the closest friendship with Natsu among all other members of Fairy Tail. Their deep bond stems from the fact that he is responsible for inviting and bringing her to the guild, and eventually teamed up with her to form Team Natsu.

How Old Is Natsu?

Natsu is over 400 years old. Natsu is Zeref’s little brother which was 400 years ago, but Natsu died and was resurrected by Etherious or E.N.D. So in the end technically he is over 400 years old but also 25 years old.

Why Do Dragon Slayers Have Cats?

They are basically just pets/partners. Natsu’s cat, Happy, was found in an egg when Natsu was much younger. Somewhere in the middle of the Edolas story arc, it is revealed to Carla and Happy that their mission was to bring the Dragon Slayers to Edolas, which is why Natsu and Wendy got eggs.

When Did Natsu Become S Class?

Nobody became S-Class. Natsu can compete with S-Class level wizards, but he’s not officially an S-Class Wizard.

How Did Mirajane Lose Her Powers?

Mirajane didn’t exactly lose her powers. As Märmîk Šhâh said, Mirajane probably lost the will to fight from being unable to protect her sister despite being S-Class and being there. She probably stopped using magic because of this and thus her powers waned from not being used.