Why Is Parvana Brave?

Character Description: Parvana She is brave because she was willing to fight back when the Taliban came to take her father away. Parvana is caring because she was always taking care of her family members, even when she didn’t always get along with them.

Why Is Parvana A Hero?

She is the breadwinner of her family by dressing as a boy, doing her chores, and digging in a cemetery for money. So, Parvana is a pretty extraordinary person. She felt sympathetic for Shauzia’s family, and many beggars of Kabul. All in all, Parvana is more heroic than most, but at the same time, a very ordinary girl.

Why Did Parvana Dig Up Bones?

Parvana and Shauzia decided to dig up bones because it paid more than their other jobs. They want to save money for trays so they can go into the crowd and sell things from the trays. They hope they will make more money this way.

How Does Parvana Feel When She Is Out In The Market As A Boy?

When Parvana goes to the market next (as a boy) she feels scared yet also confident, because she can show her face in public again and not be beaten for it. Even though She can not wear her special red shalwar kameez, Parvana can still wear clothes that are special to her and her family, and that gives her confidence.

How Old Is Parvana In The Breadwinner?


What Was Parvana’s Boy Name?

Parvana as Kaseem After Father is kidnapped and imprisoned by the Taliban, Mother has a great idea: they’ll dress Parvana as a boy so she can walk about the marketplace freely.

What Does Parvana Mean?

Contribute your knowledge to the name Parvana This is an Iranian name meaning “butterfly”. It has the same lyrical ring to it as “Paloma”, as well as the same roots in a rich culture. “Parvaneh” is the original version, but this spelling is easier to pronounce and arguably more popular among Iranian-Americans.

Who Is Malali?

Parvana as Malali Parvana’s father tells her of the story of Malali, a girl who inspires the Afghans to rally in war and beat the British; Father tells Parvana she has that same courage. And in this way, Malali becomes like a second alter ego to Parvana.

Who Are The Characters In Parvana?

Shauzia Maryam Parvana Fatana Nooria

Who Is Hossain In Parvana?

Mother places Hossain’s clothes in the cupboard, and as she does, she looks sad—Hossain, the eldest child and son, was killed by a land mine when he was fourteen. No one in the family talks about him though, because the memory is too painful.

What Was Parvana’s Father Job?

Parvana’s father was a high school teacher before the Taliban took control of their country. The family used to live in a big house with a courtyard, servants, modern appliances, and a car.

What Is Parvana’s Friends Name?


Does Parvana’s Dad Die?

She and her father have been traveling through the Afghanistan countryside trying to find the rest of the family. But now her father has died and Parvana is on her own.

What Is Shauzia’s Boy Name?

Shauzia. Shauzia, like Parvana, dresses up like a boy to support her family.

How Old Is Shauzia?

Mud City. Mud City, the final volume in Deborah Ellis’s Afghan trilogy, follows 14-year-old Shauzia, Parvana’s best friend, into a refugee camp in Pakistan. Having fled an arranged marriage in Kabul, Shauzia becomes little more than a gopher for Mrs.

Why Did Parvana Want A Light On In The Night?

1. Why did Parvana want a light on in the night? Parvana thought a light would help Father find his way home if he was let out of jail.

Why Do You Believe The Taliban Took Parvana’s Father Away?

What do you think will happen to him there? The Taliban soldiers break into Parvana’s home and take her father away. I believe that he will be taken out of the country or imprisoned because they do not want his knowledge that he learned from an English University to be shared.

What Does Kabul Have More Of Than Flowers?

The quote “Kabul has more land mines than flowers” means their is more fighting all over the city than peace.

What Did Parvana Buy When She Went To The Market?

Shortly before the rest of the family leave, Parvana goes to the market to buy a wedding present for her sister. Saying goodbye to her family the next morning is very hard for Parvana. She stays on in the house with just Mrs. Weera and her grandchild.